Bride Gias Racing Bucket Seat

GIAS (gai-uhs) is the new monster species full bucket seat. This new species is armed with a reclining mechanism and the Low Max system. A new species of Holding Monster is born.

The BRIDE GIASf tough frame was engineered using a super monocoque shell made from carbon-Kevlar and uses an all aluminum frame to increase rigidity for weight reduction. The ultimate super low position BRIDE Low Max system is combined for the first time with a reclining mechanism.

World-renowned professional racecar driver Keiichi Tsuchiya has only high praises for the battle capability and holding performance of the BRIDE GIAS Super Seat. The enhanced design is based on the idea that a high performance street car can also be used for the track, thus improving the versatility of the seat.

The BRIDE GIAS records the strongest of all Holding Monster initial sales in BRIDEfs history.

Pic 1 The light weight and high rigidity of the frame was achieved by using aluminum for the frame, a carbon-Kevlar composite for the shell, and integrating a reclining device into the structure. Pic 2 The high grade buckskin leather is used to increase grip in the shoulder area. Pic 3 Available in 2 cushion types: regular and low

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